Good good good good vibrations

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 22, 1966

Good_Vibrations_singleGood Vibrations by The Beach Boys debuts on the U.S. singles chart, where it will soar to #1 by December. Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, the track is recorded over two months in four different Los Angeles studios, at a cost of over $50,000. The recording engineer will later say that the last take sounds exactly like the first.

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Take a look around you, boy

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 15, 1935

eve-of-destruction-5457a0a1877e6Born this day in Oklahoma City, Barry McGuire, who at age 81 is still performing. In 1965, he has the U.S. #1 (U.K. #3) hit Eve of Destruction. Top LA session players P. F. Sloan on guitar, Hal Blaine (of Phil Spector’s “Wrecking Crew”) on drums, and Larry Knechtel on bass, play on the track. The vocal by McGuire is thrown on as a rough mix and is not intended to be the final version, but a copy of the recording leaks out to a DJ, who begins playing it. The song is an instant hit and as a result the more polished vocal track at first envisioned is never recorded.

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A woman can be tough

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 12, 1968

Cheap ThrillsBig Brother & the Holding Company are atop the U.S. album chart with Cheap Thrills. The cover, drawn by underground cartoonist Robert Crumb, replaces the band’s original idea, a picture of the group naked in bed together. Crumb originally intends his art to be the LP’s back cover, but Joplin demands that Columbia Records use it for the front cover.


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