Month: May 2012

Tȟašúŋke Witkó

Why They Never Found Crazy Horse’s Body

He was murdered on a piece of flat land
near Makizita Wakpa
out front of the tiny guardhouse.

Grasses, tobacco, other medicines
decorate a squat stone column
where he fell bayoneted and bleeding.

We have this marker near where he died
defending his country. They say no one knows
where his body ended up.

In the adjutant’s office about midnight
he fell asleep. His Mother and his Father
took him over to Spotted Tail Agency.
Then they went north with him.

Some place between Paha Sapa and Mato Paha
they readied his pony. A wind came up
and began to howl. Two riders approached.

He opened his eyes.

— Steve Kline

May 6, 2012, the 135th anniversary of Crazy Horse’s arrival at Camp Robinson.