I’ve been havin’ some hard travelin’, lord

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

Woody GuthrieJuly 14

1912: Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Guthrie is born in Okemah, Oklahoma. The second-born son of Charles and Nora Belle Guthrie learns music from his dad — a cowboy, land speculator and local politician. He endures tragedy as a youngster: The accidental death of his older sister Clara and the institutionalization and eventual loss of his mother. Driven to the road by the Great Depression, he rambles for much of his life until his hospitalization in 1954 with the Huntington’s Disease that will take his life in 1967. He is a towering figure in American music. Composer of This Land is Your Land, his life is popularized in the 1976 movie Bound for Glory. A major influencer of the 1950s-60s folk revival, he is made known to the Boomer generation by Bob Dylan, whose first album includes the Song to Woody.


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