I got some news this mornin’ from Choctaw Ridge

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

July 27

Bobbie Gentry 11944: Roberta Lee Streeter, who will become known professionally as Bobbie Gentry, is born in Chickasaw County, Mississippi. Her parents divorce soon after her birth, and she is raised on her grandparents’ farm, also in Chickasaw County. When Bobbie is 7 years old, her grandmother trades a cow for a piano. At school in Greenwood, Mississippi, Bobbie teaches herself to play the guitar, bass, banjo, and vibes. When she is 13 she moves to California to live with her mother. Best known for the haunting Ode to Billie Joe, she will lose interest in performing in the late 1970s and live a quiet private life in Los Angeles, where she remains to this day, her 71st birthday. Here’s to you, Bobbie:


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