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Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 3

donovanbiography1966: The #1 song in the U.S. is the title track from Donovan’s third album Sunshine Superman. Donovan’s manager Mickie Most urges him not to share any music from the album with his good friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, fearing they will be tempted to do something similar.  Donovan will recall to Uncut magazine: “My arse was being sued by Pye after Sunshine Superman so my masterwork sat on the shelves for seven months. If you date it, it was at least a year and a half before Sgt Pepper and I remember Mickie saying to me, ‘Don’t play it to McCartney’ but of course everybody was sharing with everyone else and nicking from each other. I played it to McCartney anyway. But they were already there, anyway, and George Martin was doing something similar with The Beatles, working out arrangements from ideas they had in their heads. George Martin was The Beatles’ guy and John Cameron was my guy and they both had an appreciation of jazz, which was key.”  In its original single version, Sunshine Superman is subtitled “For John And Paul,” a reference to Lennon and McCartney. Here’s the full LP to fill a beautiful late-summer morning:


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