Every night I just sleep walk

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 21

sleep1959: Santo & Johnny hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart with the dreamy instrumental Sleep Walk. Brooklyn-born brothers Santo and Johnny Farina’s Dad, stationed in Oklahoma with the Army during World War II, hears the steel guitar on the radio. He writes home to his wife that he’d like to have his sons learn how to play the instrument. After his discharge, the elder Farina sees to it that his sons become guitar masters. They play hometown gigs and become popular around Brooklyn and New York. Canadian American Records signs them to a contract and Sleep Walk is their first release on the label. They record it without the lyrics they’ve written and it is the last instrumental of the 1950s to chart at #1. Betsy Brye (Bette Anne Steele) does a cover with lyrics that does not crack the Top 100. While Santo is retired, Johnny performs to this day. Here’s the original and the cover: