Months, Years or Lifetimes

Sunrise December2014Today’s sunrise lights the road up ahead. How good to know you’re up to the journey. Healing will not be hurried, schooled or captured. Pain subsides. The memory of injury fades. But traumatic loss marks us forever. Recovering is a way of life. Nonetheless, the Grief’s Teachings series is complete. Here are the poems and images that depending upon your perspective might cover a span of 15 months, or 30 years, or many lifetimes.

Grief’s Teachings

Grief’s Teachings II

Grief’s Teachings III

Grief’s Teachings IV

Grief’s Teachings: Seen on the Way

Grief’s Teachings: The Uses of Light

Grief’s Teachings: Pain Like Joy is a Loose Garment

Grief’s Teachings: The Economy of the Heart