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Steve Kline Ages of Rock

March 7-8

We_Are_the_World_alternative_cover1985: Some sources say the release date is March 7 and others say it’s March 8 — so let’s call it March 7.5. If you’re alive and don’t know about We Are the World on March 7, you know all about it by March 8. We Are the World by the supergroup USA for Africa is released. Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian, the song’s purpose is to raise money for African famine relief. With sales of 20 million copies, it is one of a very few singles ever to exceed 10 million sales worldwide. The song is recorded in January 1985, bringing together some of the music industry’s biggest stars (here is a list). It is one of the fastest-selling singles ever in the U.S., tops charts around the world, and wins numerous honors including three Grammy Awards. Rolling Stone magazine has this great minute-by-minute breakdown of the recording session. The song has its own web page for its 30th anniversary. Here you go: