Month: April 2015

Feeling the amber current flowin’ from my mind

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

April 30

Willie Nelson1933: Happy birthday, Willie Nelson!


Young Rascals1966: Good Lovin, a cover of a cover by The Young Rascals, goes to #1.



We got chicken in the barn

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

April 29

Carl GardnerTommy James 1Bob Seger

1928 / 1947 / 1980: Coasters founder Carl Gardner and Thomas Gregory Jackson (Tommy James of Shondells fame) have birthdays. Also, Bob Seger’s Against the Wind goes gold. There’s a post on all three here.

Mayra Gale Brown and Jerry Lee Lewis are interviewed upon their return from London in 1958.1962: Four years after being banned from the U.K. during the publicity storm that surrounded his marriage to his 13-year-old cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis returns to the Islands for a triumphant tour. Lewis is so popular in the U.K. that by 1964 he is pulling a reverse of the British Invasion. Here’s a clip of him doing Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On in Manchester, where they go wild for The Killer:

My baby takes the morning train

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

April 27

Sheena Easton1959: Sheena Easton is born Sheena Shirley Orr in Belshill, Scotland. She is the youngest of six children (two brothers — Robert and Alex and three sisters — Marilyn, Annessa, and Morag). Her debut comes in 1964 when she sings at a family wedding. Biggest hit is Morning Train (Nine to Five).

Leonard Cohen1968: Leonard Cohen’s debut album Songs of Leonard Cohen is released.

No wonder my happy heart sings


April 26

1938: Duane Eddy is born.

Bobby Rydell1942: Birthday of singer and actor Bobby Rydell, born Robert Ridarelli in Philadelphia. In 1960, he’s a hit in a local TV talent show, changes his name to Bobby Rydell and sings with several Philly-area groups before signing a contract with Cameo Records. In addition to starring as Hugo Peabody opposite Ann Margret in the movie version of Bye Bye Birdie, Rydell has more than 30 Top 40 hits. Here are two of the biggest, Wild One, which peaked at #2, followed by Volare, which hit #4:

Flashback: Nine Steve Kline Poems

SteveKaTomorrow we enter the final week of National Poetry Month. The NPM fire was kindled in my heart by my good friend Bill McGlothing.  My salute to the month is this compilation of the poems I have written and posted to this blog since January 1 of this year. Until I looked back through them this morning, I had forgotten that I had written the first three. What’s that about? Guess that’s why I should go back and look at them now and then. Here’s your invitation to do the same:

And You’ll Wish There Was Someone to Hold You Tight

Oh Domino

Eastbound Highway 20 Cherry County

Quantum Flood


Conversation at Coredo, Tokyo

Turkish Coffee at Ahmad’s Persian Cuisine

Walking Westroads Mall

Late as Usual to the Judgment

Late as Usual to the Judgment

by Steve Kline

Late as usual to the Judgment, I offered up

the usual excuse and apology: Sorry. I was busy.

I was told that no apology was necessary

and that here

we sing and dance, and

I could go ahead and get to it, that is

unless I wanted to “be productive”

and do something with decent ROI.

If that is the case, they said,

I should fetch some ochre and charcoal

and start in

painting the walls

of the cave.

— Steve Kline, April 25, 2015

Copyright (c) 2015 Steve Kline

If the sky, that we look upon should tumble and fall

Jerry LieberSteve Kline Ages of Rock

April 25

1933: Jerry Leiber is born in Baltimore. With Mike Stoller, he is part of the most influential song-writing team in rock history. (That’s right — Lennon-McCartney comes out #2 on this list). Lieber is the lyricist. You can read about the songs that flow from his pen here. You can’t pick a “best” one, although Stand By Me (written with Ben E. King) might be my personal favorite. Here are two from Jerry Lieber/Mike Stoller:

I’m a-walkin’ in the rain

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

April 24

Runaway_(Del_Shannon_song)_single_cover1961: Del Shannon releases Runaway. That high-pitched keyboard is an instrument called a musitron. That  bracing cool high pitched vocal — that’s Del. The song is destined for #1 on the charts. Of course it is. You know that the first time you hear it.

John Mellencamp1982: John Cougar Mellencamp’s Hurts So Good is released. It will peak at #2. After that, Cougar’s Jack & Diane will go to #1. Both are on the American Fool LP.