If I seem edgy

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

May 11

Eric Burdon1941: One of the most recognizable voices of the British Invasion — Eric Burdon — is born in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He’s born to and bound to rock. In his mid teens he co-founds The Pagan Jazzmen, which drops jazz and becomes the rock band The Pagans by 1959. Burdon plays trombone and sings. By 1963, Burdon is with the Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo, which morphs into The Animals by late that year. Burdon’s growly and wise vocals become the band’s signature, and soon it is being billed as Eric Burdon and The Animals. Burdon is going strong — currently on tour in Europe — with no sign of a slowdown anytime soon.

Bob Marley1981: RIP Bob Marley.