Month: August 2015

He’s kinda big and he’s awful strong

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

August 31

vm1945: Van Morrison is born.

The Angels1963: Girl trio The Angels rules the charts with My Boyfriend’s Back, which will remain at #1 for three weeks. The writers of the song are Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer, Brooklyn songwriter/producers who go on to write the hit Sorrow and have the 1965 U.S. #11 single as The Strangeloves with I Want Candy.


So limitless and free

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

August 30

Hwy611965: Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited is released.

Isle of Wight Poster 19701970: The Isle of Wight Festival is wrapping up.

The preceding Isle of Wight Festivals had gained a good reputation in 1968 and 1969 by featuring acts such as Jefferson Airplane, T. Rex, The Move, The Pretty Things, Joe Cocker, The Moody Blues (performed at the 1969 festival), The Who, and Bob Dylan in his first performance since his 1966 motorcycle accident. The 1970 version, following Woodstock in the previous year, set out to move one step forward and enlisted Jimi Hendrix. With Hendrix confirmed, artists such as Chicago, The DoorsLighthouse, The Moody Blues, The Who, Miles Davis, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Jethro Tull, Sly and the Family Stone, Ten Years After, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Free willingly took up the chance to play there. The event had a magnificent but impractical site, since the prevailing wind blew the sound sideways across the venue, and the sound system had to be augmented by Pink Floyd‘s PA. It is a strong, but inconsistent line-up, and the logistical nightmare of transporting some 600,000 people onto an island with a population of fewer than 100,000 makes things tough. It will be the last Isle of Wight Festival for 32 years.

Happy Birthday, Bird

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

August 29

Charlie Parker 1

1920: Charles “Bird” Parker is born in Kansas City. He will become one of the 20th Century’s greatest jazz saxophonists and composers. He is among the leading figures in the creation of bebop — a form of jazz featuring fast tempos and improvisation. Bebop is one of the great paving stones in the road to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Drug addiction will take his life when he is just 34 years old.

The Monkees1967: The Monkees go to #1 with I’m a Believer.

Superstar Session Drummer

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

August 28

Clem Cattini 11937: Clemente Anselmo Arturo Cattini is born in Stoke Newington, North London. He will grow up to become Clem Cattini, drummer with The Tornaodes, who have a #1 hit in 1962 with Telstar. Cattini becomes a superstar session drummer — his work is heard on no fewer than 44 #1 U.K. hits. He is one of the most prolific drummers in UK recording history, appearing on hundreds of recordings by artists as diverse as Engelbert Humperdinck and Lou Reed.

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

August 26

Jimi Hendrix 11967: The Jimi Hendrix Experience releases Purple Haze. The song is inspired by a dream experienced by Hendrix. The opening chord of two riffs then an interval of flattened fifth is the d5 or “tritone,”  regarded as the most imperfect of dissonances and generally avoided in composition for that reason.

She’s watching him with those eyes

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

August 23

Rick Springfield 11949: Rick Springfield is born Richard Lewis Springthorpe in Sydney, Australia. Splitting his career between Australia and the U.S., he is a songwriter, musician and actor. As a musician he is most famous for the 1981 #1 single Jessie’s Girl, which becomes a Grammy Award-winning landmark of 1980s pop-rock and helps establish the emerging music video age. Also an actor, Springfield’s best known role is that of the character Dr. Noah Drake on the daytime drama General Hospital.

Lou Reed1970: Lou Reed quits The Velvet Underground.