Month: October 2015

I ain’t got enough

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 31

Tom Paxton1937: Folk singer Tom Paxton is born in Chicago. Among his many mighty works is Bottle of Wine.


And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 30

GraceSlick1939: Grace Barnett Wing — Grace Slick — is born in Chicago. She will move to California with her family and grow up to be the lead singer with Jefferson Airplane, a seminal 60s-era group. Credit her with, among other things, the songs White Rabbit and Somebody to Love.

I got a bird that whistles, I got a bird that sings

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 26

Freewheelin One1962: Bob Dylan is in the studio working on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, his second LP. This is the first time he records with a backing band. Accompanied by Dick Wellstood on piano, Howie Collins and Bruce Langhorne on guitar, Leonard Gaskin on bass, and Herb Lovelle on drums, Dylan records three songs. Several takes of Dylan’s Mixed-Up Confusion and Arthur Crudup‘s That’s All Right Mama are deemed unusable, but a master take of Corrina, Corrina is selected for the final album. An alternate take of Corrina, Corrina from the same session will be selected for a single issued later in the year.

Look how much I’ve gained

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 25

Helen Reddy 11941: Singer, actress, activist Helen Reddy is born in Melbourne, Australia. She will have 15 singles land in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, including her signature I Am Woman, the anthem of second-wave feminism. She retires from performing in 2002, earns a university degree and becomes a hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. In 2011 she returns to show business, and Reddy is performing to this day.

Red lights flashin’ In the hot New Jersey night

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 24

Desire1975: Bob Dylan re-records Hurricane after earlier versions of his song about the imprisoned boxer misidentify a bystander in the bar where Hurricane Carter is alleged to have shot two men. It’s his final session for the Desire album. The LP will be released on January 5, 1976. It captures the #26 spot in The Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop Poll for the year.

Sometimes you gotta be strong

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 20

01_tom_petty_std1953: Tom Petty is born in Gainesville, Florida. He meets Elvis Presley when he is 11 years old and nothing is ever the same. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he fronts Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. He’s also in Mudcrutch and The Traveling Wilburys, and he’s done a load of solo work.