Grief’s Teachings: The Economy of the Heart

A Healing Project poem

And now I understand
after waking enough times to think I see
the Holy Kiss that’s supposed to last eternity
blow up in smoke, its destiny
falls on strangers, travels free.
Yes, I know now, traps are only set by me
and I do not really need to be
assured that love is just a four-letter word.
                                             — Bob Dylan | Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word

I’ve heard it said it’s not a lie

if you believe what you say. Promise and vow,

then, live under incessant threat.

There’s no wayfinding in this landscape

but who needs it? The confident

victim’s True North is blame.

This or that thing will be so

until it no longer pleases you

to have it so.

This economy of the heart

is neatly equipped with a built-in crash.

Look at all the broken stuff over there

on the supply side. Better see

if you can sell it cheap.

— Copyright (c) 2014 Steve Kline


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