Month: September 2016

For that fool is me!

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 30

frankie-lymon1942: Frankie Lymon is born this day in Harlem, N.Y. With his group The Teenagers, he has a #6 hit in 1956 with Why Do Fools Fall in Love. His life ends far too soon in 1968 when he dies after ODing on heroin.


You make me wanna get up and scream

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 25

hendrix11966: Jimi Hendrix’s second day in London is eventful. He’s in bed with Cathy Etchingham, a 19-year-old hairdresser who has taken his fancy, when Keith Richards’ ex, Linda Keith, bursts into his hotel room, steals a guitar she bought for him in New York, climbs under the covers, and says he can only have the guitar back if he sleeps with her. This is the ’60s, but Hendrix still declines the offer.