Surviving Divorce

by Steve Kline

February 23, 2017


Some days I had to imagine I was a climber

on some dangerous height in an icy storm and if

all I got done that day was to inch one hand upward

to the next solid handhold, grip it tight, and

prepare to pull myself up — whenever —

then, well,

that would be something. And I had to give myself

honor and praise for finding a way

to move one hand a few inches

in one day.

♥                     ♥                    ♥

You learn to sift the pain, and

seeing a thing bright with promise and hope

and you cling to it and thus

your life goes on.

One day

the imaginary climber

reaches a real mountain top

where sunlight washes him clean

and the bright sky rolls out

like some newly freed soul, lean

and hungry for the harvest.

Copyright © 2017 Stephen T. Kline

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