People try to put us d-down

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 14, 1970


LAL-LP-Italy-1AThe Who appear at Leeds University, England. The show is recorded for the band’s forthcoming Live at Leeds album. Since its initial reception, Live at Leeds has been cited by some music critics as the best live rock recording of all time. The University of Leeds refectory has now been named a national landmark in the U.K., commemorated with a blue plaque.

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Not a trace of doubt

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 13, 1942


Born this day in Washington, D.C. — Peter Tork, vocals, keyboards and bass with The Monkees, who have the 1967 U.K. & U.S. #1 single I’m A Believer plus 10 U.S. and eight U.K. Top 40 singles.

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The gal in the red blue jeans

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 11, 1935

gene-vincent-and-his-blue-caps-bebopalula-1958Born this day in Norfolk, Virginia — Vincent Eugene Craddock, who will grow up to become Gene Vincent, U.S. rock and rockabilly pioneer. With his group the Blue Caps, he has a 1956 #7 (U.S.) and #16 (U.K.) hit with Be-Bop-A-Lula.

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It’s such a feelin’

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 9, 1964

beatlesThe Beatles make their U.S. live debut on CBS-TV’s The Ed Sullivan Show; they perform five songs including their current #1 I Want To Hold Your Hand. Never before have so many viewers tuned-in to a live television program, which with 73 million viewers, is three-fourths of the total adult audience in the United States.The show receives over 50,000 applications for the 728 seats in the TV studio.

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Staggering through the daytime

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 8, 1943

CBBorn this day in Los Angeles, William Charles Schneider who will grow up to be Creed Bratton of the Grass Roots, who have the 1968 U.S. #5 single Midnight Confessions, plus 13 other U.S. Top 40 singles. He is more recently known for playing a fictional version of himself on The Office on NBC.

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He’s not selling any alibis

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 5, 1944

Al Kooper 1Born on this day in Brooklyn, American songwriter, record producer and musician Al Kooper, known for organizing Blood, Sweat & Tears (although he will not stay with the group long enough to share its popularity). His first professional work is as a 14-year-old guitarist in the The Royal Teens, who in 1958 have the U.S. #3 single Short Shorts. As a member of Blood Sweat & Tears, he has the 1969 U.S. #12 and U.K. #35 single You’ve Made Me So Very Happy. Kooper plays organ on Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone as well as playing on hundreds of records, including ones by the Rolling Stones, B. B. King, The Who, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Alice Cooper, and Cream.

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