Ring them bells for all of us who are left

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

February 28, 1989

3992197_165Bob Dylan records the first sessions for the Oh Mercy album at The Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana. It is Dylan’s 26th studio album, released by Columbia Records in September 1989 and produced by Daniel Lanois. Track #4 is Ring Them Bells.



Come sing me Montego Bay

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

January 15, 1946

bobby-bloom-montego-bay-polydor-4Born on this day in New York City, singer-songwriter Bobby Bloom, who has the 1970 U.S. #8 and U.K. #3 single Montego Bay. Bloom suffers from depression toward the end of his life. Bloom dies on February 28, 1974, at the age of 28 after he apparently shoots himself while cleaning his gun.

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Songs of joy

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

January 14, 1984

POPPaul McCartney is at #1 on the U.K. singles chart with his solo, Pipes of Peace. History is made. McCartney is the first artist to have #1 hits with a group (The Beatles), in a duo (with Stevie Wonder), in a trio (Wings) and with a solo.

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If that railroad train was mine

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

January 13, 1968

Cash 1Johnny Cash plays Folsom Prison near Sacramento, California. The show is recorded live for the LP Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison. The title track, Folsom Prison Blues, becomes one of Cash’s biggest hits.

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Three nights and days I sail the sea

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

January 11, 1964

LLLouie, Louie by The Kingsmen is the #1 song on the U.S. Cash Box music chart. For a while, the record is banned by a handful of U.S. radio stations because of its indecipherable lyrics, which are rumored to contain some naughty words. Even the FBI investigates the song, but finally concludes — correctly — that the song is perfectly innocent.

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You’ll never run away from you

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

January 7, 1937

Paul RevereBorn this day in Harvard, Nebraska — Paul Revere Dick, who will grow up in Boise, Idaho to become founder and keyboardist with Paul Revere and the Raiders. Among many other things, they make us Hungry and give us Kicks.

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