Sloopy, girl, I’m in love with you

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 1

220px-the_mccoys1965: Hang On Sloopy by The McCoys hits #1 on U.S. charts.  My Girl Sloopy is first recorded by L.A.-based The Vibrations in 1964, for Atlantic Records (45-2222), reaching #10 on the R&B chart and #26 on the U.S. pop chart. In April 1965 the song becomes a local hit in the Pacific Northwest in a cover version by James Henry & The Olympics, but it is quickly eclipsed in August when the Indiana pop group The McCoys release their iconic retitled version, Hang On Sloopy.

Elvis Presley

Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

October 14

Jailhouse Rock1957: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley is the #1 song in the land. Written by Lieber and Stoller for the Elvis movie of the same name, it is the first record ever to enter the U.K. charts at #1. The song tops U.K. charts again when it is re-released in 2005.

Catch a painted pony

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 13

1941: David Clayton-Thomas is born in Surrey, England, the son of Fred Thomsett, a Canadian soldier, and Freda Thomsett, a British music student. After the war, the family settles near Toronto. David has a rough youth, bouncing in and out of jail. Along the way, though, he acquires a guitar and teaches himself to sing and play.  He makes his way to New York City in the 1960s, where Judy Collins hears him performing in a club. She tells her friend Bobby Colomby about Clayton-Thomas. Colomby’s band Blood, Sweat & Tears has been torn apart by dissension and Colomby invites Clayton-Thomas to join up in hopes the addition will stabilize the group. Within weeks, huge lines are forming as fans clamor to see and hear Clayton-Thomas wirth Blood, Sweat & Tears, which will have a #2 single in 1969 with Spinning Wheel.

Little Richard In Concert At Epcot Center1955: Little Richard records his first tunes for the Specialty label in L.A.


Lord knows I’ve paid some dues gettin through

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 12

Bob Dylan 11974: Bob Dylan is in the studio in New York beginning sessions for the album that will be titled Blood on the Tracks. It is his 15th studio album and will be released on January 20, 1975. In December, Dylan decides to re-record the whole thing at a studio in Minneapolis. As it turns out, the LP has five tracks recorded in New York and five from Minneapolis. Many of the songs are about the pain of the breakup of Dylan’s marriage. Dylan’s son Jakob calls the album “My parents talking.” Blood on the Tracks will hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. Track #1, Side #1 is Tangled Up in Blue, which peaks at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Johnny Cash2003: Johnny Cash moves on.

Look out kid

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 6

Johnny Otis1950: Johnny Otis is at the top of the charts with Cupid’s Boogie featuring Little Esther.

dvd-dontlookback-splsh1967: D.A. Penebaker’s ground-breaking documentary Dont Look Back premieres in New York City. Covering Bob Dylan’s 1965 concert tour of the U.K., Dont Look Back features Joan Baez, Donovan, Alan Price, Marianne Faithfull, Ginger Baker, Allen Ginsberg . . .

I don’t hear your knock upon my door

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 4

The Animals1964: U.K. blues and R&B geniuses The Animals make their debut in the U.S. with a performance at Brooklyn’s Paramount Theater.


091113-mysweetlord1970: George Harrison releases My Sweet Lord, which has a melody he is accused of pirating from He’s So Fine.

Use your arms and legs it won’t ruin you

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

September 3

1966: British folk pop singer Donovan, born Donovan Leitch, tuning a sitar. (Photo by John Pratt/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

1966: British folk pop singer Donovan, born Donovan Leitch, tuning a sitar. (Photo by John Pratt/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

1966: Donovan tops the charts with Sunshine Superman.

Bob_Dylan_-_Great_White_Wonder1970: Rolling Stone Magazine notes that Great White Wonder — the bootleg album of previously unreleased Bob Dylan recordings — has sold more than 350,000 copies. It is known as GWW and it is the first notable rock “bootleg” album. It is known as “Great White Wonder” because of the original pressing’s plain white cover. A GWW II also is issued, which includes Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?